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Cle's founder, Lauren, seated at a table with an open art book

"Beauty is universal and purely from the self. CLE is a brand that embraces that idea - that every individual is beautiful because they are uniquely themselves. We simply provide tools to finesse your beauty in the way you desire"

Founder, Lauren Jin

About CLE


CLE was born out of a desire to create products that were not only modern in their technology, but modern in their thinking. Each product within the line is designed to promote a sense of ritual and to support the contemporary women with self-care basics as they pursue the fullest expression of their personal power and sensuality.


Our skincare and makeup are curated, sourced, and centered on the latest Korean Beauty technology, but as individual products embrace a distinctly minimalistic approach both in their packaging and simple effectiveness. Though our products fit seamlessly into any comprehensive, multi-step skincare & makeup routine, each one is unique in its function and form and can be used as a single, go-to product.


We design our products embracing the belief that beauty is innate, fluid & subjective, and that makeup & skincare should exist to enhance the natural self. All of our ingredients are sourced responsibly and we work with top-tier labs in Korea dedicated to developing highly effective, quality products. All of our makeup & skincare is created with premium vegan, non-toxic, clean ingredients, and we never test on animals.

The Founder

Meet the Founder

CLE's founder, Lauren Jin, began her career in fashion, and as much as she felt that garments were able to create an emotional attachment and tell a story, she believed that beauty in all its facets was an expansive medium upon which to connect with womxn.

The concept of beauty, for Lauren, always assumed a more ritualistic maturity and its perceptions were subjective and adaptable. She wanted to create something that resonated with the modern womxn, that spoke to the truth that there is no one-way to feel beautiful, and no right way to get there.


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