Ritual is about taking a moment to participate in an act or exercise that calms and enhances our lives. Skincare rituals are a way to unwind and take care of our bodies that do so much for us everyday. These are the steps we take both morning and night to nourish & appreciate the skin we live in.
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self foaming cleanser


Using our Oxygen Foam Cleanser, massage onto dry skin until the gel lathers into a foam. Leave on for 30 seconds as the foam starts to oxygenate. Rinse off with warm water and pat gently to dry or remove gently with a tissue.



Shake our refreshing Lifting Mist bottle then spray 3 to 4 times onto the smooth side of the Dry Mask Sheet, then center the mask on your face. Spray the facial toner onto the collagen mask once more until the mask is fully saturated, allowing the collagen to dissolve into the skin. Relax and unwind for 15-20 minutes while the mask works its magic! Peel the mask off gently by working your way around the edges from chin to forehead in an upward manner.

**Remnants of the collagen may remain on your skin after removing the mask. You can dissolve the remnants with the Lifting Mist or rinse with warm water. If rinsing with warm water, we recommend only rinsing off the visible pieces of collagen as to retain and absorb all of the benefits of the collagen!

collagen mask
vitamin c serum


Our Vitamin C Elixir is a 2-in-1 oil & serum hybrid that targets dull, aging, and discolored skin. Begin by shaking the Vitamin C Elixir bottle 3 to 5 times to mix the oil & serum together. This step is crucial as it helps to blend the active ingredients in both the oil & the serum so that they can work together below the skin’s surface. Use the dropper to directly apply the elixir onto the face and/or décolletage and massage until fully absorbed.



Our Multi Cream is a rich & luxurious multifunctional cream infused with calming Palo Santo Essential Oil and extract for hydrated, moisturized skin. Apply the Multi Cream generously onto the face and body, focusing specifically on dry areas that could use extra hydration. Massage the palo santo cream in an upward, circular motion to help ingredients absorb more deeply into the skin. In addition to its relaxing scent, Palo Santo Essential Oil is extremely nourishing and has been known to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

palo santo cream