The ongoing police brutality and injustice against the black community is once again being brought to light by the murders of David McAtee, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others by law enforcement. It is important for our team at CLE Cosmetics to express our disgust for the systemic racism that shamelessly targets black men and womxn. It truly is sickening and made us think deeply about what it means to be part of a community.

CLE Cosmetics aims to highlight everyone’s natural beauty and have always wanted to showcase and collaborate with womxn from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. We acknowledge that we have not always been successful in this and will strive to better ourselves as a brand in order to bring about positive change.

Silence is not the best message, nor is retaining neutrality.

Moving forward, we will ensure that our stance is clear and transparent by following the 5 core principles CLE was founded on:

- Evolution - We will listen to the black community and continue educating ourselves about the issues that affect them.

- Consciousness - We will be committed to contributing to marginalized communities through product donations and creating content that empowers black beauty.

- Inclusivity - We will embrace diversity by establishing more relationships and increase representation of black womxn in the beauty industry.

- Authenticity - We will be transparent and more honest about where we stand in order to create authentic connections with our community.

- Minimalism - We will continue to value ‘less is more’ with products that embrace you for who you are and your natural beauty.

Lauren Jin (Founder)
& CLE Team