This month we celebrated AANHPI Heritage Month. 

As an Asian-owned brand, it's important to us to highlight and uplift the AANHPI community. 

Our founder, Lauren, is committed to supporting the voices, stories, and brands in the AANHPI community. So, this month, Lauren interviewed 4 Asian-owned brands and leaders in the community. 

We hope you will join us in celebrating and supporting AANHPI brands and voices, not just in May, but year-round. 

Interview Highlights: 

“Starting a brand is like giving yourself a voice. This is your platform so use it in a way that best reflects you.”

Jennifer Ming Yu Want

Ming Yu Wan Jewelry, Founder

Check out Jennifer's interview | here


“We tell and share the stories of Asian creative people and we share the fact that they are in spaces that aren’t necessarily made for Asian Americans.” 

Diana Ryu

Namu Home Goods, Founder 

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“I hope that we can continue to support each other and uplift each other because it’s important to stand strong together.” 

Alice Lam 

A.L Basa, Founder 

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“I like to know the limit of how things are, then I go there and figure out how to push it a little more.” 

Angie Dita

Vans, Director of Global Footwear Design

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