Sheet masks exist to supplement your daily ritual,

                                                                                          To show your self some love and care.


                                                                                                                                          A moment to unwind and rest the mind and body...


Creates glowing, nourished skin — Maintains youthful, hydrated skin


Dry Mask Pack is made from 100% medical grade cotton gauze. 3 types of high performing collagen are infused into the mask, each type targeting functional benefits to the skin:
Nattō Gum Collagen moisturizes your skin with antioxidant nutrients while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Acacia Collagen helps the skin retain moisture. Evens out skin tone and texture.
Marine Collagen counteracts the effects of aging by stimulating natural collagen production.
The perfect way to prepare for the dry weather ahead...
With the use of Lifting Mist, our multi-functional facial toner, Dry Mask Sheet is activated for absorption of collagen and essence to the skin, helping to heal and regenerate. Our face mist dissolves the collagen, penetrating it within the skin’s deepest layers, supplying instant hydration during the whole process.
facial toner

Our CLE team loves: Lifting Mist on its own for a tightening facial toner! Your skin is instantly tightened, lifted and toned; providing a glowing and nourished complexion. Dull skin is revived to radiant skin with slowing signs of aging!
For everyday use, for all skin types
Dry Masque Ritual
      0. Start with a fresh face! We love to freshen up with Oxygen Foam Cleanser ー
      1. Spray a generous amount of Lifting Mist onto the dry mask before applying onto cleansed face.
      2. Spritz a fair amount of the face mist onto a clean face before laying the mask on.
                  ***If you prefer added hydration, we recommend spraying Lifting Mist over the dry mask covering your face!
      3. Relax and unwind for 15 to 20 minutes; we love to sit with a good book or listen to our favorite songs...
15 to 20 minutes later
Gently peel the mask off from chin to forehead in an upward manner. Remnants of the collagen may remain on your skin. Rinse off with cool/warm water; we recommend only rinsing off the visible pieces of collagen as to retain the moisture of the skin!
To everlasting, beautiful skin with effortless daily rituals...