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How we nourish our skin throughout the winter

While the holiday season is a happy time, it can also be a hectic one. From family gatherings to last-minute shopping and all-over-the-place weather, we find that once the holidays are over, our skin is in need of a major hydrating reset. While we’re big believers in a minimal skincare routine made of skin-loving essentials, it’s also important to shift or supplement the products you use during cold and drying winter months. 

Our #1 tip for keeping skin flawless throughout the winter? Hydration. Relying on products that lock in moisture below the skin’s surface ensures that not only is your outer layer of skin going to stay supple and moisturized, but your skin cells will, too. One of our favorite ingredients that works overtime in the winter to achieve hydrated and nourished skin is Hyaluronic Acid. It’s a hugely popular skincare ingredient for a reason: it helps to deeply moisturize, plump skin up, and nourish it from the inside out. 

You can’t really talk about hyaluronic acid without discussing ceramides, the lipids that make up about 40% of your skin’s composition and help form your skin’s outermost barrier. Ceramides hold our skin cells together and form a protective layer that helps keep your complexion healthy and resilient. Healthy skin barriers with a high ceramide percentage help to seal in moisture and keep impurities out. Sadly, all of our ceramide levels decrease as we age *sigh*. But! Using products with highly moisturizing ingredients and high ceramide concentrates can help to preserve that outer layer of skin (especially during the winter months when your skin’s barrier is already compromised from cold temperatures, harsh winds, and dry apartment heat). 

Here’s how ceramides stack up against the rest of your skin’s composition: 
When the outermost cuticle is compromised, your skin is more vulnerable to inflammation, dehydration, and premature aging–– all things we want to avoid no matter what season it is. 

So, when we’re in need of a skincare routine revamp, we make sure we incorporate our Serumide into our everyday skincare ritual. An essential within our skincare lineup, Serumide contains a 4% ceramide concentrate that delivers deep moisture below the skin’s surface. Ideal for use in the winter (but perfectly fine to use any time), Serumide offers powerful layers of protection that seal in moisture and leave your complexion looking plump and hydrated. Formulated with other potent ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, amino acids and antioxidants, it helps to fight against the appearance of premature lines and wrinkles and, most importantly during the winter season, dehydrated skin. 

Of course, being consistent with your skincare routine is a great way to maintain a healthy complexion during the holidays, but adding an extra layer of hydrating protection will keep your skin plump and moisturized well into the new year! 

Shop Serumide and other CLE essentials here. 

Cheers to happy, healthy and super hydrated skin in 2022! 


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