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The beauty of a simple ritual

When we started CLE, the vision was and still is to create a line of skincare and makeup products that are accessible in function and thoughtful in aesthetic. We wanted to see a collection of skincare and makeup basics that included everything you’d need to build a daily ritual or routine that felt both approachable and enjoyable. Aside from the fact that having a tight edit of products takes the stress out of getting ready, we believe that having a few key products that you love and that really work go a lot farther than a wide array of beauty items that are just okay.
We put immense thought (and time) into every one of our launches. Why? Because we want to create products that you’ll actually use and become a staple of your daily self-care ritual. The multifunctional aspect of our makeup products really comes into play here as does the potency of our skincare line. 

Our full skincare line-up: a self foaming cleanser, lifting facial toner, ceramide serum, multifunctional cream, and vitamin c serum
The CLE Fundamentals  
It really all starts with skincare. While we’re all fans and believers in a robust skincare regimen (no judgement on anyone’s 12 step routine), using a select few products that work well for your skin and sticking to a ritual can yield just as many results as a complex daily AM and PM routine. We like to think if you’re dedicated to a skincare practice built on products that you know work for your complexion, then your makeup routine will follow suit: it’ll be simple, uncomplicated and also composed of just a few products that enhance (not mask) what you’re already working with. Here’s how we approach our practice: 

- Always start with a clean canvas. We cleanse with our Oxygen Foam Cleanser to remove dirt and oil from pores 

- Get an even deeper clean with toner. Toner can be scary for some with sensitive skin, especially if it’s formulated with harsh astringents that can strip your skin of good oils, leaving it parched and inflamed. But not to worry here: our Lifting Mist is formulated with Snow Mushroom, which is incredibly hydrating (it functions a lot like Hyaluronic Acid) and brightening. Extra bonus: it also acts as a calming anti-inflammatory… so it’s basically the opposite of harsh toners. 

- The general rule of thumb is to apply products with the thinnest consistencies to the thickest, so serums are next in line. With pure vitamin C concentrate as its base, our Vitamin C Elixir blends ingredients like Rosa Canina Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Phytosqualane that work together to hydrate, refine, and rejuvenate skin. 

- If you’re reading this blog, then you probably know this skincare is non-negotiable, but it’s worth reminding: apply. sunscreen. always! You should always be wearing a minimum of SPF 35 on your face, but going the extra mile in SPF can only benefit your skin in the long run. CCC Cream contains SPF 50 and also doubles as a daily moisturizer with sheer, tinted coverage. 

- Last but certainly not least, implementing a moisturizer into your daily self-care practice is also a must. Those with oily or combination skin–– moisturizer is still helpful! Not only does it help to keep your complexion quenched and balanced, but it can help seal in all of the products you applied beforehand. CLE’s Multi Cream is suitable for all skin types and is formulated with a blend of hydrating ingredients to calm and nourish skin. 

- Every once in a while (or all the time if self-care is a daily must for you) we like to add treatments into our routines. Our Lip Care Trio features three different treatments designed to exfoliate, hydrate and protect, and add a subtle touch of gloss to your lips. The first step, the Lip Peel, is formulated with Gluconolactone, a natural exfoliant derived from corn that sloughs away dead skin to reveal smoother, softer lips. Anytime our lips need a little TLC, we’ll use our trio to get a brighter, hydrated, and smoother pout.
Black and white close-up shot of an orchid
Though our roots are in traditional Korean skincare practices, we’ve chosen to take the very best of Korean beauty–– potent formulas and an emphasis on naturally-derived ingredients–– and simplify them into a few key products that can easily find a place within your skincare regimen whether you already have a dedicated practice in place or you’re starting one for the first time. 

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