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Take a moment to think about your skin. Is it as youthful and fresh as you would like? Or is it looking dull for the lack of self-care?

Busy lifestyles can have us running around without any time to sit down and pamper ourselves. We all feel that way. We are tugged in every direction with our commitments to work, our family, our partners and the rest of the world. As we care for everyone else, we often forget about ourselves. If we set aside a few moments to care for ourselves, we gather strength and energy to start fresh. Self-care and self-love is crucial. We deserve to take time for ourselves.

It’s not selfish, it’s essential.

One of the ways to pamper yourself with is skincare. A sweet treat for your skin after a long day is much needed. We recommend trying our collagen face mask. Using it in conjunction with Lifting Mist activates the collagen embedded into the mask.
The collagen face mask isn’t something you do in a rush. It only requires 15 to 20 minutes out of your day to sit back and relax.

So unwind and let the mask work its magic…

After use, you’ll notice your skin is rejuvenated and highly moisturised. We encourage you to try it at least once a week. (Or any mask for the matter!) Not only will your skin look better, you’ll enjoy the peace of a few moments of serenity, and let's admit, we. all. need. that. It might not solve all of your problems, but you definitely get a glow-up!
The word collagen has been commonly tossed around in a thousand cosmetic commercials, promising youthful skin in just a few days or weeks. But the question frequently asked is: is collagen really a magic cure?
Collagen is naturally produced by our body. It’s a protein helping to maintain healthy skin, as well as healthy hair and nails. Though, as we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen, causing skin to lose its elasticity. The reason why we encourage using a collagen face mask once a week is because using the collagen mask can restore skin elasticity and revitalize your skin.
Our collagen face mask contains collagen from three natural plant-based sources, including natto gum collagen, acacia collagen and marine (plant) collagen. The three types of collagen work together to hydrate and nourish your complexion. To learn more, click on the Shop tab and study up on CLE Lifting Mist, our tightening facial toner.
Naturally, this would be one of the components of your skin regimen. Daily cleansing is essential, as well as using moisturizers and products containing sun protection during the day. While the collagen face mask is a good start, you will be amazed at the results of a daily skin care routine.
We believe a healthy diet, staying hydrated and getting a good night’s rest is also important to improve your body’s ability to produce collagen. All of this will benefit much more than your skin.

How to Use Dry Mask Pack + Lifting Mist (= CLE Lifting Set)
Remove the Dry Mask Sheet from the packaging and spray CLE Lifting Mist onto the smooth side of the mask, then center onto your face. Spray more Lifting Mist on the collagen mask to ensure the mask is saturated sufficiently. This allows the collagen to dissolve into the skin.
Relax and unwind for 15 to 20 minutes while the collagen penetrates your skin.
Once the time has passed, gently peel off the mask from the chin upwards and lightly rinse your face with warm water to remove any collagen remnants, or spray Lifting Mist onto your skin to dissolve the collagen remnants for a boost of hydration.


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