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It’s never been a more important time to talk about self-care than it is now. Self-care is about protecting our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and happiness, especially during stressful times. Make yourself a priority and do what makes you happy. It’s not a selfish act. Taking care of yourself and your needs helps you undertake the stress you’re facing.

We are in this together.

In this time of uncertainty, we listed a few ways we can all enjoy the time at home (another thing to be thankful for) and a few ways to ease our bodies and our minds…
1. Expression - A lot of people don’t express their emotions, especially fears and worries; in fear that it might turn against them somehow. Talking to a family member, friend, or someone you can trust can ease the tension in your body. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone, there are other ways to express yourself. You can write exactly what you’re feeling in a journal (for instance, “I feel scared in this situation”) or even say them aloud in your room when no one is around. It’s important to get it out of your system, let your feelings flow and not keep them stuck for too long.
Verbalizing your fears, worries, and/or anxiety doesn’t increase them, it actually helps your suppressed negative emotions to come out; instead of bottling them up. It’s part of self-care. Studies have shown that negative emotions can lower our immune system, which means it’s time to do what’s best for ourselves!
2. Stay Hydrated – At CLE, we talk a lot about how staying hydrated helps your skin retain moisture and elasticity, giving you a healthy complexion. It’s important to drink water or fluids and stay hydrated for various reasons, but mostly for your health. Drinking water helps “carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells, protects your organs and tissues and stabilizes your heartbeat.” (source: Harvard Health Publishing)
self care
3. Eat A Healthy Diet – We’re required to stay in and only go out when it’s really necessary, like getting the essentials or groceries. When you do get groceries, make the healthiest choices possible!
Health professionals recommend an immune-boosting diet including antioxidant-rich foods and healthy sources of protein. Vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants such as spinach, kale, beets, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries also help to support your immune system. Eggs and lean meats contain protein, but also animal-free options such as quinoa, beans (also a great antioxidant source), lentils, buckwheat and chia seeds.
4. It’s Okay to Treat Yourself – This will seem contradictory to the previous item, but it’s okay to treat yourself. In these times a lot of us might find comfort or alleviate boredom with food. With that can cause extra stress surrounding body image. We’re here to say it’s okay to treat yourself in moderation. Let food be a source of comfort and nourishment, not an added restriction or stressor.
5. Get Moving – The local park or beach may no longer be an option, but you can still exercise at home. Online yoga and exercise classes are a great option, and there are fitness studios posting videos daily on Instagram, such as Orangetheory. Walking around your neighborhood provides you with a much-needed boost and Vitamin D we all need! It’s a great way to release all the pent up energy. Remember to wear a mask and limit contact with other people to a friendly wave from a distance.
This is a PSA: If you don’t feel like working out or think you’re being unproductive because you’re not being active, it’s okay. It’s important to listen to your body and act accordingly. Don’t put yourself down!

You're doing great.

6. Brush Your Teeth – This one might sound off topic, but bare with us; there’s some science behind it. Healthy teeth and gums support a healthy immune system. Studies show that people with gum disease and cavities can suffer from more colds and flu. This isn’t exactly a convenient time to visit your dentist since most dentists are closed except for emergencies so brush and floss twice daily!
7. Get Dressed – Many of us are working remotely and most of us are enjoying day after day in our pajamas or our most comfiest clothes in the closet. If you skip the sweatpants and your old t-shirt you might feel more motivated. Pamper your skin, do your hair, get dressed and take on each day as it comes!
8. Turn Off & Tune Out – Staying informed is important, but a news overload can increase your stress levels. It does the opposite of relaxation. There’s so little we can control during these times, and it can get overwhelming to see dire news and watch the suffering of others. Take a break and listen to some music, read a favorite book, clean out the closet, chat with friends online, and take a bit of me-time.
9. Wash Your Hands & Moisturize – Even if most of us are consciously washing our hands, it’s definitely worth mentioning. One drawback of all of the hand washing is that our skin gets dry and chafed. Make sure to moisturize your hands frequently because dry skin can crack and cause wounds. Not only is this painful, but it can also allow bacteria and germs into your body, which we’re trying to prevent.
We highly recommend that you give our Multi Cream a try, as this is the perfect soothing balm for dry hands, and also works beautifully as a vegan moisturizer for your face. Multi Cream is infused with ingredients such as Shea Butter and fruit extracts to nourish and hydrate your skin. It has thick consistency, yet absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy residue, making it a great asset during this time.
vegan moisturizer
#CLEHACKS: Apply our Multi Cream onto damp hair and blow dry, which results in silky hair.
10. Pamper Yourself – Everyone deserves a bit of pampering! Pampering yourself means taking some time to refresh your spirit. It helps reduce stress and can help avoid depression. Stress is detrimental to our bodies, and it’s essential that we find ways to relax and care for ourselves.
skincare ritual
We highly recommend that you maintain your twice-daily skincare regimen. Cleansetone and moisturize in the mornings and evenings. You’ll feel AND look better if you stick to your regular daily routine. We all know our skin deserves it! Once a week, consider using one of our masks to rejuvenate your skin. Steep a cup of herbal tea, turn on some relaxing music, light a few candles and enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation as the mask works its magic and renews your skin. Take a relaxing bath once in a while, and give yourself a manicure and pedicure. When we care for ourselves, we are better partners, parents, family members and friends.

We do it for ourselves, but we also do it for others.

“Social distancing”, “stay home”, “wash your hands” and “self-quarantine” are voiced repetitively to keep our loved ones safe, especially the vulnerable ones such as the infants, children and the elderly. If you are self-quarantining, social distancing, wearing your mask to the store, etc., you are doing your best to help us flatten the curve and hopefully keep yourself and others safe from contracting the virus.
The CLE Cosmetics team thanks you!
P.S. We are still on hand to provide you with skin-rejuvenating vegan skincare (& fun makeup)!
We hope you & your loved ones are safe & well.
xx, CLE
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