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Living in the modern world gives us endless options of skincare products to choose from, promising us ageless, glowing skin. Even with many alternatives, we always go back to what’s best for our overall well-being: body, mind, and spirit…

For our newest product, our deep moisturizing agent Multi Cream, we decided to utilize Palo Santo essential oil & extract. Palo Santo is a natural substance used for hundreds of years as an energy cleanser and spiritual purifier. Spanish for “holy wood”, Palo Santo has similar properties as frankincense and myrrh, both used as powerful spiritual cleansers. The ancient Incas burned Palo Santo to cleanse bad energy and used it for healing purposes, such as smudging.
The scent is used as part of an aromatherapy routine to calm and soothe, helping reduce anxiety and improve concentration. It has a light, woodsy scent with hints of cedar, frankincense, sweetgrass, lemon and mint.
vegan moisturizer
Our founder Lauren chose Palo Santo because…
Multi Cream eventuated from my daily ritual of burning Palo Santo smudge sticks. I love the aroma of Palo Santo!
When I decided to create the ultimate moisturizing agent, I looked into the holy wood as an option. As a skin benefit, Palo Santo offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and calming properties, as well as strengthening skin health. These great benefits were exactly what I had in mind to harmonize our moisturizing agent.”
The way Palo Santo essential oil is sourced and extracted is eye-opening. While it comes from a tree, no trees are cut down to produce the oil. In many countries, it’s not legal to cut down the trees, let alone the branches. The trees are left to live and die naturally; only after the dead wood has been lying down for several years, is the wood taken away for oil extraction. All of the Palo Santo essential oil we use is steam distilled from the wood of Bursera graveolens trees naturally fallen down in the Peruvian Dry forest and recollected by native communities who own the land where the Palo Santo tree grows.
At CLE, we are committed to sourcing the best possible ingredients. All of our products are vegan, as well as paraben-free.

We love Multi Cream because…
    •        It’s travel-friendly & won’t take up space in your bag!
    •        It’s safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin, but is especially ideal for dry skin!
    •        It can be used on your face, hands, body, & the ends of your hair to retain moisture and prevent dryness!
If you’ve been searching for a vegan moisturizer with the healing and anti-aging properties Palo Santo essential oil can provide, try our new Multi Cream!
To enhance your skincare experience, we recommend using the Multi Cream in conjunction with our other gentle skincare products: CLE Lifting Mist as a tightening facial toner and our anti-aging serum, Vitamin C Elixir. To learn more about our products, read more on our list of blogs here!


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