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“I wanted to create a product that was sleek, functional, and compact. Each formula within the product shares an essential step in lip care that I feel is important to recognize. After spending many months developing this product, from the angle the lid stops at, to the formulation of each lip product; I am very excited to share a product that can better help address lip care.”

- Founder Lauren Jin

lip treatments

Our lips are more sensitive than our skin and need more love & care.
As a beauty brand, we found that it was necessary to create a makeup + skincare hybrid product for our lips.
Three different lip treatments combined into one,
Lip Care Trio features a gentle exfoliating peel, a protective lip oil, and a subtle gloss.

lip treatments
   1. Lip Peel
      pH Peel Exfoliant
      Applicator: The silicone spatula allows you to apply just the right amount to remove the dead skin from your lips.
         - Formulated with Gluconolactone derived from corn
         - Gentle & safe to use everyday
The pH level of our Lip Peel is 3.77. This level is just enough to be effective to remove the dead skin on your lips but also very gentle. We believe that it’s more gentle on your lips because there isn’t any friction that can cause irritation. The peel glides onto your lips and effortlessly reveals smoother, softer lips.

   2. Lip Oil
      Nourishes with hero ingredients Avocado oil & Jojoba seed oil
      Applicator: We chose a doe foot applicator with a hole in the middle allows you to control the amount that is applied on the lips. Not too much nor too little; it’s just right.
      - Benefits of Avocado oil:
         - Contains sterolin which helps soften lips.
         - Contains beta carotene, protein, lecithin, Vitamin D + E, and fatty acids that are beneficial for any wounds that you might have. These ingredients soothe your lips but also protects it against oxidative stressors such as UV rays.
      - Benefits of Jojoba seed oil:
         - Contains Vitamin B & E, and key minerals such as zinc and copper which are beneficial for soft, supple lips.
         - Helps restore and retain moisture of your lips.
We chose lip oil because we believe that it’s more moisturizing in comparison to lip cream or balm; especially with the hero ingredients we selected. When you hear lip oil, it might sound thick and heavy but our Lip Oil has more fluidity and is lightweight. Your lips are hydrated almost instantaneously.

   3. Lip Gloss
      Non sticky formula that gently radiates a beautiful tint we call ‘Caramel Rouge’
      Applicator: The pointed tip of the doe foot applicator gives precise application with easy access to the corners of your mouth.
         - Accentuates the rosiness of our lips.
         - Contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E.
      - Benefits of Shea Butter:
         -Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants which help heal chapped, dry lips.
         -Helps rejuvenate collagen production and soothe irritated lips.
         - Protects and nourishes your lips to prevent them drying.
      - Benefits of Vitamin E:
         - Contains antioxidants that help soothe your lips.
         - Promotes cell turnover and regeneration.
         - Makes your lips softer as Vitamin E boosts your circulation.

We wanted to create a forgiving tone for all skin tones. The color of the gloss is universal and we believe it’s a complementary color for everyone! It’s not made to have an opaque color but has more of a subtle tint. Our ‘Lip Gloss’ adds supplementary protection on top of the ‘Lip Oil’.
Effective of ‘your lips but better’.
No need to twist each individual cap. Just pull upwards to use!
Our lips are a delicate area requiring different products to specifically target the health of our lips.
We hope that Lip Care Trio invigorates your lips to its fullest potential.
Designed for every lip.
lip treatments


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