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Snow mushroom. Bamboo. Blueberry fruit. Snow lotus. Palo Santo. Coconut. Nattō. And Pearl. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

The formula to my ideal skincare routine has always been simple and transformative. Beauty comes from within - it’s a real, raw thing. That being said, I like to feel with each step that all parts of my being are nourished in some way. I’m a bit of a daydreamer when I’m not working on my paintings, so finding inspiration and loving energy in everything else that I do keeps me grounded in my practice and my studio.
After cleansing with the self-bubbling Oxygen Foam Cleanser, I pat the Vitamin C Elixir, a juicy marigold-coloured potion that looks a bit like liquid sunshine, onto clean, bare skin, then warm the Multi Cream in my palms. Pressing my palms to my cheeks, I inhale deeply the sweet, grounding palo santo essence and am grateful for the newness of the day. CLE’s Multi Cream is a healing and restoring moisturizer that frequents my self-care rituals. Throughout the day, I find myself reaching for the sleek, white tube just to revisit the earthy aroma and to touch up/tease out (depending on my mood!) the occasional flyaways.
For a little bit of magic, the lightweight CCC Cream in Warm Medium transforms and adapts to my skin tone seamlessly. I’ll pat it lightly all over for extra sun protection but it’s also worked gently to calm the allergy-sensitive skin around my nose and to brighten under my eyes.
cle cosmetics holiday
The Essence Moonlighter Cushion usually makes its way into the next step of my routine. I’m my most playful self when I use this pearlescent, highlighter-filled pillow - the effect on my collarbones and cheeks is likened to moonlight on dewy, summer skin. I use Glinting Buff on the center of my top lid, my nose, and just a tiny bit in the center of my bottom lip after applying a matte mahogany nude lipstick (the Melting Lip Powder in Hot Choco has been a staple in my makeup kit for a couple years now). The colour play in the way the gold sits onto my burnished olive skin tone, against a sepia lip colour, and veils a deep navy and mocha eyeshadow, has inspired the palette for my latest sketches.

At the end of the day, the CLE Lifting Set - a mist and several Nattō collagen-infused masks - soothes and invigorates my skin, a fresh canvas for sleep and the day to come.

The natural, balancing, strengthening, calming, and purifying qualities in CLE’s thoughtful collection of skincare ingredients work to remind me of these qualities in myself,
just in time for a fresh start.
cle cosmetics holidayWishing you all health and prosperity next to those you love in this New Year!



Writer | Taylor Johnson | @tey.lo


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