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Happy International Women’s Day!

March 8th, 2022 is a day of celebration for all of us at CLE. It’s International Women’s Day, and each year on this day we like to take time to reflect on all of the women who’ve shaped our lives and inspired us to be exactly who we want to be. Whether it’s our mothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, or even artists, writers, advocates, and change-makers, this is a day to honor and celebrate all who have come before us, and to recognize the ones who are paving the way forward. 
Our team is primarily made up of women, and we’re so proud to work alongside one another and create products that support other women. While we’ll always use our platform as one that inspires and brings joy through innovative products, we think it’s equally as important to use our voice to encourage anyone who loves CLE to put action behind the things she believes in. We challenge ourselves and all of our colleagues to do the same. 
So, how can you do more and put real, transformative support for women into motion? 

One of the most vital ways to show up is by staying current on political issues and larger changes that affect women. Understanding current gender issues on a national and local level can make it easier to decide how you want to take action. Maybe this means you find a national non-profit you donate to each month. Or, maybe this means you volunteer your time at a women’s shelter. Getting (and staying!) informed opens up the doors for real change. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts that propel women forward: 
  • @girlgaze - A feed dedicated to and run by a collective of female-identifying creatives. We come here for inspiration often. 
  • @unwomen - The United Nations’ account dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment. This is a must-follow for news and progress.
  • @17.21women - A favorite of ours, 17.21women is dedicated to the stories and accomplishments of Asian women throughout history. 

Celebrate women by supporting women-owned businesses! Chances are, if you’re reading this journal piece, then you’re probably a fan of CLE and are already supporting a women-owned business whether you knew it or not. 
Purchasing from women-owned businesses is a win-win: you’re putting money into the pockets of women who have worked hard to achieve their goals, and, you’re getting something cute in the process. (: 
Drawing on the important women in her own life, CLE’s founder Lauren Jin was inspired to create CLE because of her own mother’s passion for self-care. Her dedication to caring for herself showed from the inside-out: She felt good and so she looked good, and the products she used deepened that truth. Lauren decided she wanted to develop clean, high-quality beauty and skincare products that would create small moments of opportunity for women to love themselves. After many years of hard work and a team of other driven women by her side, CLE was born. 

For us, CLE stands as a daily reminder that women really are incredible and capable of doing anything they want to do. We hope you get to celebrate yourself and all of the inspirational women in your life today and every day!


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