Banner Image ^ Left: Air Puff Refill | Right: Essence Moonlighter Cushion Puff

Our puffs are specially designed to provide consistent application ー on both face and body. We have two different puffs: Air Puff Refill and Essence Moonlighter Cushion Puff. The difference may not be apparent at first glance but we tell the story of each and how they play contrasting roles.

Top: Air Puff Refill | Bottom: Essence Moonlighter Cushion Puff

Air Puff Refill
     - Shape: round/circle
     - When to clean (recommended):
            - Deep wash once a month
*If you prefer to clean your puff more often, we won’t stop you!

Our Air Puff Refill is made of polyurethane foam. We intentionally created our Air Puff Refill to be more of an absorbent puff. This quality might come off as a negative attribute but this puff has a softer touch, allowing for gentle application onto the skin. Application with the Air Puff Refill reveals a natural radiance that subtly gleams in the sunlight.
Top: Air Puff Refill | Bottom: Essence Moonlighter Cushion Puff

Essence Moonlighter Cushion Puff
     - Shape: pear
     - When to clean (recommended):
            -Lightly sterilize every month with 70% alcohol or alcohol wipes
            -Deep wash every 3 months with soap and water
*If you prefer to clean your puff more often, we won’t stop you!

Our Essence Moonlighter Cushion Puff (EMC Puff) is made with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. When visually describing the appearance of our EMC Puff, you could say it looks very smooth; like vinyl film. Nitrile Butadiene Rubber naturally has a clear film adhered to the puff; the reason for it’s moisture resistant qualities.

When to use each puff?
Air Puff Refill with its higher absorbency is best suited for creating light to medium coverage that is gradually built in layers.
Essence Moonlighter Cushion Puff absorbs less product into the puff making it ideal for creating higher shine and saturation.

You could also use either puffs for all types of foundations like our CCC Cream if you prefer not to get your hands “dirty”. Each respective puff is known to easily reach areas that are hard to get into like around our noses because of their versatile structure and foldability.

We wanted a chance for our community to try both puffs because one is not better than the other - our preferences just vary. Each Air Puff Refill is included with every order of Essence Moonlighter Cushion for you to experience the best of both worlds!

*Essence Moonlighter Cushion Puff is only available with every Essence Moonlighter Cushion purchase.