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Does dry mean that I never break out? Nope! Of course not. It’s a misconception that only people with oily skin break out. This misconception unfortunately leads to a lot of skin care downfalls.
Let me explain: whenever I’d see a blemish, I would freak out, apply a harsh cleanser like Proactiv (yuck!!!!) & slather my face in salicylic acid, “just to be safe.”
Oh boy. Not good. In fact: terribly bad.
I will never forget getting my first professional skin consult. It was at Sephora (I know!! Not all the employees are licensed estheticians or makeup artists. Don’t judge me yet), & I walked in thinking I had oily skin…& walked out, head whirling, carrying a bag of a non-foaming cleanser, a few super hydrating creams, & a lipstick…because, you know, why not.
It was around this time (not quite 19; I’m 20 now) that I decided to put in some effort myself, & research the best products for my newly-discovered skin type.
It seemed to be widely agreed that foaming cleansers are a no-no for dry skin. Usually, foaming cleansers have some form of detergent in them. It’s the detergent that causes tightness, parched skin, &, if you keep that up, micro abrasions. Those are just an invitation for a skin infection to set up camp on your face!
So…yup! I got it. No foams for me. I was okay with this; I started to really enjoy using non-foaming cleansers – they worked better for me, my skin looked clearer, & it didn’t ever dry out my poor, sensitive baby face.
While I was blissfully bathing my face in non-foaming cleansers, I couldn’t help but notice all the pretty foaming masks & cleansers all over my Instagram & Tumblr feeds. I was jealous. Who doesn’t like foam, right?
I was jealous, so I got CLE's Melting Cleanser as a revenge purchase. The cleanser came with two sachets of: “Oxygen Foam Cleanser.” I did a bit of a double take. Here was my moment. I was clutching two packets of a foaming cleanser; one that I didn’t have to worry about wasting money on if it didn’t work. I used the Melting Cleanser for a few days (which I love!), then, out of pure curiosity & boredom, decided to try the samples of Oxygen Foam Cleanser.
I tried them as directed: massage a pump or two of goopy, translucent fluid on a clean face (no cleansing devices needed), & then…wait for 30 seconds.
I could literally feel this gel-like texture bubbling up on my face. It was pleasant, relaxing, gave me those famous “ASMR tingles” – but best of all, I gently rinsed off my face, patted it dry, & looked in the mirror. My brows shot up. The sensitive, red areas around my nose were gone. My pores looked tighter. My face looked bouncier. All that…& not a sign of dryness.
I was admittedly very surprised – in the coolest, happiest way possible. However, I decided that I couldn’t start raving about a product that quickly. I kept my thoughts to myself & quietly cleansed with Oxygen Foam all week.
End of the week: I was floored.
I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I was (& still am) floored by Oxygen Foam Cleanser. How…how did it not irritate or dry out my sensitive as heck skin??
self foaming cleanser
According to CLE’s manufacturers, there are a few reasons why:
     - The foam in the cleanser is micro self-generating oxygen bubbles (that’s why the product comes out as a liquid). These oxygen bubbles work by themselves to draw out impurities: deep-seated dirt, leftover makeup, etc. So, it’s clarifying. But what about it makes my skin (& yours…I promise) so soft, moisturized, & calm?
     - The cleanser leaves the skin feeling soft & supple due to, again, the oxygen bubbles! They provide oxygen to clogged pores (remember it removes deep-seated dirt…pores count!) that are often stifled during the day with sunscreen &/or makeup. Basically: your skin needs to breathe! Oxygen Foam Cleanser is coaxing your skin to do just that.
If you’re a dedicated skin care aficionado like me, you’ve probably seen those foam face masks going around Instagram, as well (Instagram has started to make me want more beauty products than I’ll ever need). You know the ones: gently stroked over the face with fingertips or a brush.
Well…this is what I’d imagine one of those feel like! I’ve never had the pleasure of getting an oxygen foam facial – but waiting 30 seconds for my Oxygen Foam Cleanser to finish the job is probably the closest I’ll for a good while.

So…is it worth it?

Obviously!!! I wouldn’t be saying so if it wasn’t. I say with all seriousness that this is the only foaming facial cleanser I’ve ever used that hasn’t dried me out. In fact, it softens & purifies. That seems like an impossible duo, right? You’d be wrong. Oxygen Foam Cleanser is a “nailed it” cleanser for all skin types: gentle enough to keep rough patches at bay, foamy enough to work on oilier/combo skin types.
Give it a whirl! I don’t think you’ll be let down. My bottle is almost gone, the letters on the packaging are faded due to me bringing it into the shower with me. Hey, don’t judge! It’s hard to resist washing crackling foam off your face without turning upwards towards the shower head. Adds a little drama (but not a lot of time) to your routine.
I keep shaking my bottle, trying to figure out when the product will run out. No difficulties dispensing yet…so I’m a happy girl. Still…I may or may not purchase two backups, just in case. Okay…maybe three – just because I can’t do without these soothing bubbles getting me into a sleepy mood every evening. Oh, yeah! Did I say it makes your skin look overall better? I think I already did, but I’ll say it again. & again. & again. Because…it…does…make your skin look better.
What started as a skeptical experiment - thanks to those two little envelope samples of Oxygen Foam Cleanser – finished in true love. Am I still wary of foaming cleansers? Absolutely. But I know at least one has my back - & that’s CLE’s. Treat it like a luxurious experience; it is! Waiting for the bubbles to ascend suddenly, like a freshly popped bottle of champagne; feeling the creamy, foaming later that’s literally self-generated (thanks, oxygen!), &, best of all: seeing the immediate results this baby gives you.

Seriously, though: give this bubbly face cleanser a run. As someone who also believed that every single foam product wasn’t meant to be, I can tell you that this one, at least, is meant to be on my face & yours.



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