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Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of information about skincare online? All you want is a simple, straightforward answer but end up dumbfounded because there’s so many different sources giving us different answers to one question. You trust one source but then you read another telling you something completely different. 

“What are the benefits of topical Vitamin C?” 
“When should I apply Vitamin C?” 
“Can I use Vitamin C during the day?”

These are common questions that are searched for about Vitamin C serums. Even if one solution works for one person, it might not work for you and that’s okay. Remember that… 

You know your skin more than you think.

If you feel like you’re going in circles with an abundance of information, take baby steps. Learn to break down and ingest the information you intake to match your needs because each of us have different skin types and conditions. Honor your skin and the results will be rewarding. 
We took it upon ourselves to answer the questions we mentioned earlier; but about our Vitamin C Elixir. For those who are new here, we’ll start off with an introduction. If you’re a regular, you can skip this part! 

Vitamin C Elixir is a bi-layer oil and serum hybrid treatment. It has various benefits for your skin, such as: 
  • Boosts collagen production while countering the effects of aging.
  • Helps reduce acne and provide acne control. We can’t say this product will necessarily heal your skin as it’s not medicative but rather a skincare product.
vitamin c serum
What are the benefits of topical Vitamin C?
We like to use CLE’s Vitamin C Elixir day and night. The key ingredients have anti-aging properties keeping your skin healthy and restored.

The top orange layer consists of natural oils:
  • Sweet almond oil : keeps your skin cells healthy & protects your skin from UV radiation damage.
  • Jojoba seed oil : effective moisturizer & helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Rosa canina (dog rose) fruit oil : helps prevent skin dehydration & slows down the signs of aging.
  • Olive fruit oil : anti-inflammatory properties & fights free radicals.
  • Sunflower seed oil : very gentle & easily absorbs into the skin without clogging your pores.
  • Soybean oil : promotes skin health & helps retain moisture.

The bottom yellow layer contains 11% pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) concentrate, as well as the following ingredients: 
  • Glutathione : brightening ingredient and also decreases melanin in your skin.
  • Hydroxycinnamic acid : anti-aging agents.
  • Ferulic acid : antioxidant that is found in rice + oats & the seeds of apples + oranges.
If used with our Serumide, the synergy between the two products is exerted; producing greater effect. If you’re interested in the benefits of Serumide, you can read more about it | here!
vitamin c elixir
When should I apply Vitamin C? | Can I use Vitamin C during the day?
These two questions go hand-in-hand and we answered them here! 
You can use Vitamin C during the day; it’s actually recommended to apply it before your broad-spectrum sunscreen! It’s imperative to apply sun protection after you apply topical Vitamin C because it can cause photodamage. Photodamage happens when your skin is unprotected by sunscreen and is hit by UV light. 

Daytime use
Using Vitamin C, or Ascorbic acid during the day can help prevent dark/ sun spots while protecting you even more from the Sun.
Nighttime use
Apply it at night to rejuvenate your skin that is exposed from UVA and UVB rays. We recommend using it as the last step after your toner, moisturizer, and cream to seal in moisture!

Here’s a couple of more questions we frequently get asked!

Can Vitamin C Elixir help with acne marks, and uneven skin tone?
Yes! Vitamin C Elixir helps with discoloration and hyperpigmentation. 

Does your Vitamin C Elixir have a scent?
We don’t use any synthetic fragrances but Vitamin C Elixir does contain Eucalyptus leaf oil and Rosemary leaf oil which creates a subtle aroma of fresh herbs with a hint of pine.

If you have any allergies or are sensitive to any ingredients, please read through our full ingredients list on our Vitamin C Elixir page | here!
Taking care of your skin on a daily and nightly basis creates a healthy foundation. Practice this everyday with intention and see how your skin radiates from within. Your awareness towards yourself becomes self-care and self-love. 

vitamin c serum


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