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What's your ideal skin?

When we think ‘ideal’, we think ‘healthy’. Healthy means you’re properly taking care of your skin and giving it what it needs. There are times when our makeup doesn’t apply on the way we want because our skin just isn’t “cooperating”. It might just need a break or some extra care! We can try our best to cover up what we believe is our imperfections, but where’s the love? Being mindful of what your skin needs can ultimately help create a healthy, well-nourished complexion.

What could help create or maintain healthy skin?
     - Self-love & self-care! Consciously making time to care for your skin.
     - Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh water & eating a balanced, healthy diet.
     - Exercising; can help release any pent up energy or tension in your body!
     - Getting a proper amount of sleep! Not just for your skin but for your body, mind & spirit.
     - Using skincare products with beneficial ingredients your skin needs.
     - Using products with broad-spectrum SPF coverage and/or using products that protect your skin.

When selecting skincare products with benefits you’re looking for, it’s imperative to be aware of the ingredients list.

We highly recommend...
          - Reading the ingredients list before purchasing any products and/or consult your allergist
          - Trying a patch test before using it on your entire face, especially if you have delicate and/or sensitive areas on your skin
Our skin is very important to us, which is why we curated a skincare collection using high quality beneficial ingredients. Our full skincare line-up includes a self-foaming cleanser, facial toner, palo santo cream and Vitamin C skincare, and a collagen mask pack for a treat to use for extra hydration. With an addition of our newest skincare product…
Serumide, an innovative ceramide-infused serum that restores the health of your skin through regeneration.
ceramide serum
First and Foremost, What Are Ceramides?
Ceramides are a lipid, which is a natural, fatty component found in our skin. There are several types of skin lipids - about 25% of our skin lipids are comprised of cholesterol, and another 25% is comprised of free fatty acid. Ceramides compose about 40% of our total skin lipids.

Ceramides have an important function in our skin because they essentially hold the surface of our skin together, providing a tight barrier to hold in moisture. Properly hydrated skin helps maintain healthy skin.

As we age, the amount of ceramide in our skin begins to drop. From age 21 until about 30, your skin will generally maintain a 100% ceramide level. Between 31 and 40, this ceramide level drops to about 62% and after you enter your 40s, this can drop below 40%. As these ceramide levels drop, your skin has a much more difficult time locking in moisture and the result is thinner, dryer skin. This is one reason why you begin to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as you move from your 30s into your 40s and 50s.

In addition to the aging process, sun exposure, pollution and oxidative stress can also cause the ceramide levels to drop. If you spend a great deal of time outdoors, this can reduce ceramide levels more quickly and you may notice those fine lines at a younger age.
ceramide serum
How Does A Ceramide Serum Help?
A ceramide serum helps restore skin barrier, providing antioxidant and nutritional care for your skin. There are quite a few ceramide skincare products out there with most containing 1% to 2% concentration of ceramides. We developed our ceramide serum with 4% concentration of ceramides, double the amount of other serums and creams to most benefit our skin. This concentration can make a huge difference in the condition of your skin, and we highly recommend adding Serumide to your daily skincare regimen!

For some, 2% concentration of ceramides might be the optimum amount for daily care. For people with aging skin, those prone to dry skin, and/or with conditions such as eczema, 4% concentration of ceramides is ideal. Studies have shown that people with dry skin, as well as people with conditions such as rosacea, eczema and even acne tend to have lower amounts of ceramides naturally in their skin. Using a ceramide skincare product such as Serumide can help lock in moisture and improve the look and health of your skin!

Daily Care Is Essential
Many of our lives can be busy and/or fast-paced. After a long day, it can be easy to just do a quick face wash and drop into bed. What if we dedicated more than five minutes twice per day to nourish our skin? Taking the time to gently care for our skin will help achieve noticeable results, help protect and preserve our skin for the long run.

In the mornings... Start each day with a gentle daily wash with our Oxygen Foam Cleanser. Spritz on some Lifting Mist for a quick tone and then apply Serumide. For makeup, apply our CCC Cream, which includes broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection. If you are prone to dry skin, we recommend that you wash, tone, apply Serumide then further moisturize and hydrate with our Multi Cream, prior to applying CCC Cream.

In the evenings... Repeat your cleansing and toning routines, as well as apply Serumide to plump up your skin! After that, gently moisturize with Multi Cream and add Vitamin C Elixir to revitalize your skin.
**Once or twice a week, use CLE Lifting Set to naturally lift your skin and improve your skin’s elasticity.

If this routine is applied to your daily skincare regimen, it can help fight the oxidative damage and environmental stressors that causes our skin to age and creates fine lines. When we look and feel our best, it’s easier to handle the daily ups and downs. That’s what CLE is all about; helping our clients live their best lives with self-care.
ceramide serum


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