Introducing CLE’s innovative lip product — Melting Lip Powder
This magical substance alchemizes from powder to liquid form… In seconds, the liquid sets into a flawless matte tint, both water and smudge-resistant. A confluence of science and beauty utilizing the latest Micro Capsule Technology.
Why Powder?
Powder is a flexible makeup medium allowing easier performance for its fineness in structure. Applying onto well-prepped lips, eyes, and cheeks with the doe foot applicator gives precision + enabling to control the amount of powder you’d like to put on. Upon contact, the powder melts, seamlessly blending onto the canvas.
Utilization of Technology
Micro Capsule Technology is a sensitive process necessitating the perfect balance of microscopic capsules. When the capsules are impacted, by temperature or by friction, they release tint and essence, providing color + moisture.
Comes in 6 Versatile Shades
Lady Guava | True Red | Berry Mauve | Nude Blush | Hot Choco | Desert Rose
* The small body of the powder lipstick is travel-friendly
* Room for creativity + fluidity in our hero product, you can paint on your eyes, lips and cheeks for a pop of color
* Use as a base for your eye shadow, lipstick, and/or blush
Simplicity at its finest.
A completed look with just one innovative product.