After deciding to create our packaging all white with the minimal debossing print, many people thought it wouldn’t hold its weight in design compared to other brands and result in washing out. But, I knew that there were women/womxn out there who could understand the design language I intended to produce. That those who reacted and interacted with the all white packaging would be our loyal customers.

Why White?
“When you stare at the color ‘white’ long enough, your conscious and subconscious automatically fills it”.
I chose white because I was talking to my mom and she was talking about how the color white is great because when you stare at it long enough, your conscious and subconscious automatically fills it. I thought it was great because our packaging and our brand philosophy is about catering to people of all varieties. The idea that white creates openness and space for the user.
It’s the idea that white is something you can start with. It’s the beginning.

Philosophy Behind CLE & What It Came To Be Today
The philosophy of embodying the modern women/womxn…
The definition of modern women/womxn varies for each individual. For me, the modern women/womxn is about a multitasker, juggling moving parts in her life, and the notion that she doesn’t have 30 minutes to do her makeup, only seconds. She can do it on the train, while walking on the street to her office.
I wanted CLE to cater to these women/womxn by creating makeup and skincare with multi-functional qualities. Take our Melting Lip Powder for example. It is a powder lipstick, but is versatile to be used as eyeshadow, blush and/or lipstick. Another key part of our brand philosophy is finessing what you already have and not cover up. Inner beauty is so much more, self-love is so much more than superficial masking. Spreading awareness bring out the beauty that’s already there. It’s owning yourself and being confident in your skin.

CLE Cosmetics is about spreading awareness about inner beauty & self-love and drawing out the beauty present in each person.