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Today we celebrate Mori’s birthday.

Mori is a vital member of the CLE Team. Our founder, Lauren, rescued Mori from The DoVE Project and in honor of Mori and his birthday, all of our online proceeds will be donated to The DoVE Project.
We hope you will join us in celebrating Mori’s birthday today and helping other rescue dogs.

Name: Mori Jin
DOB: June 21, 2017
Place of Birth: Korea

Current Favorite Toy: A bright lime green rubber cactus chew toy
Favorite Pastime Activity: Staring into the sky & napping
Favorite Food: Korean food, especially Sweet potatoes, Tofu, Seaweed Soup, but also enjoy grilled salmon
Personality: Super shy, but once he trusts you, he will come by and ask for treats and pets! Usually Mori is very independent, he likes his alone time and space.
Vices: barking at the Amazon delivery men/women and getting picture evidence later on.

Distinctive traits I have:
- Expressive eyes of judgement
- Big stretches in between naps
- Hate taking baths (actually Mori hates water period!) 

About DoVe Project
“DoVE Project (Dogs of Violence Exposed) is a non-profit organization focused on ending the dog meat trade in South Korea, where raising dogs for human consumption is legally sanctioned. We believe that this change ultimately must come from within. To that end, rescue efforts, education, and advocacy are the driving components of the DoVE Project.” (source:

We asked (our founder) Lauren a few questions!

Why did you choose to adopt from the DoVe Project? 
After doing some research through Google, I was able to find the DoVe Project and immediately got into contact with them. Ultimately, it was actually my little sister, Sarah, who wanted a Jindo. I never imagined adopting a jindo, as they are a lot bigger in size and I’ve never had experience with larger dogs. 

How was your experience with the DoVe Project?
After submitting my inquiry via email, I had the pleasure of speaking to Tammy, one of the co-founders. Speaking to Tammy, I knew that she wanted to give the dogs an opportunity to find a good home. A home that is able to provide. And that’s really when I knew I wanted to commit to adopting through the DoVe Project.

Was it love at first sight when you saw Mori? 
I don’t know if it was love at first sight, but my first emotion when I first saw him in his travel crate was that he really needed love. Mori was super scared, almost fearful of his life. He didn’t know what had just happened, obviously he had a 10 plus hour flight in the cargo of a plane and came into this foreign world. So I can’t imagine his confusion upon landing. 

How is Mori’s behavior now compared to when you first adopted him?
Oh wow. He has changed so much. I sometimes look back at the first pictures I took of him and compared to now he’s so different. Although his journey to recovering from trauma and fear did not happen overnight. He learned to trust and I learned to be patient. I think we both learned a lot looking back. 
In the beginning, a lot of training, patience, routine, & love were needed. Even to his day, he learns something new and everyday is a step forward in his journey. 

What’s your favorite activity with Mori?
I’m not sure if it’s Mori’s favorite activity, but I love watching TV and he naps on me. I wish he was more lovey dovey, but he likes his physical boundaries and I must respect them. I think we both really enjoy playing catch with tennis balls in the front yard. Also, nowadays, I don’t walk him, so that’s the only way he’ll get his exercise for the day!


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