A touch of cushion highlighter can accentuate your canvas…

Our Essence Moonlighter Cushion can be used to highlight any elevated points on the face, and not just the cheekbones. Some of our favorite placements are on the brow arch, nose, collarbones, emphasizing the natural bone structure and providing a luminous finish. The cushion highlighter was created to blend in with your skin’s texture.
cushion highlighter
From top to bottom : Essence Moonlighter Cushion in Copper Rose, Glinting Buff & Apricot Tinge

Essence Moonlighter Cushion comes in 3 refined colors, virtually flattering every skin tone:

     - Apricot Tinge is a champagne color with a slight hint of iridescent pearl-pink.

     - Copper Rose is a rich rose-gold; the deepest hue but works for every skin tone.

     - Glinting Buff is like a touch of golden sun on your skin.

** You can blend the cushion highlighter with our Melting Lip Powder to create your own custom shimmery blush and/or eyeshadow.

** For the perfect glass skin look, apply the Essence Moonlighter Cushion as a base layer then blend the CCC Cream on top for a high shine plus coverage.

** To apply Essence Moonlighter Cushion, you can use the inserted Air Puff Refill, or you can apply with your fingertips or makeup brush. Lightly tap onto desired areas. A tiny amount is all you need to create a radiant, subtle sheen.

For additional information on our cushion highlighter, visit our Essence Moonlighter Cushion page, here!