CLE Cosmetics is a representation of modern womxn coming together for the love of pure beauty; as well as effortlessly creating the minimal look in the most organic way. We utilize Korean Technology while adding in the qualities of Western culture; our focal point on innovation and being timeless.

                                                    free expression

               a choice
                                                                                                  in bringing attention to your flowing grace.
We aim to continuously evolve and fabricate eccentric goods that emphasizes authentic beauty moments.
Our clean makeup products are user-friendly to all. We have your . . .
Oxygen Foam Cleanser | Deeply cleanses the skin while removing makeup gently. Made for all skin types.
CCC Cream | SPF 50; 5 shades. Micro Capsule Technology enables to easily blend + build; smooths over the surface of your skin with just your fingers.
Melting Lip Powder | Our leading product; multi-talented and time-efficient; paint it on your eyes, lips and cheeks and you’re ready to start your day with a masterpiece.
We hope to deepen your experience with cosmetics by simplifying the factors when enhancing your natural beauty.
As we expand to create, we aspire to astound your world of beauty and to provide an unconventional line of products for the modern womxn.