CLE Skincare Menu
1. Oxygen Foam Cleanser
2. Lifting Mist
3. Serumide
4. Multi Cream
5. Vitamin C Elixir

self foaming cleanserself foaming cleanser
The first part of every skincare routine is cleansing your skin. By removing all of your makeup and/or any products you had on during the day, you can start fresh; a reset.

Routine is very important for the skin & this ritualistic act is essential to maintaining healthy skin.

facial toner

Second step: a toner. Our facial toner isn’t like any other ordinary toner. Lifting Mist tightens, lifts, & tones the skin.

With an addition of 5 benefits:
1. Restore Your Skin’s pH Balance
2. Lessens acne breakouts
3. Improves the effects of your moisturizer
4. Helps reduce pores
5. Gives your skin a quick boost!

ceramide serum

Our third step is our newest addition, Serumide. Our ceramide serum contains 4% ceramide concentrate, which is around double the amount of other ceramide serums and creams. This concentration helps lock in moisture and improve your skin health through regeneration.

vegan moisturizer

vegan moisturizer
After applying the facial toner and ceramide serum, we go in with our rich, multi-functional cream. Multi Cream is great for all skin types; including sensitive skin. It can be applied on your face, hands, and body to hydrate your skin. A little #CLEHACK we like to do is apply a little bit of Multi Cream on our lips to relieve chapped skin.

vitamin c serum
The final step: Vitamin C Elixir. This is a treat for your skin as our Vitamin C oil & serum hybrid can help boost your collagen production. It will brighten your complexion and shield your skin from free radicals damaging your skin.

When you decide to use Vitamin C Elixir during the day, remember to apply sunscreen afterwards to prevent photo damage to your skin.


We hope our skincare collection serves as a reminder to embrace your own unique beauty.

Beauty is skin deep and should not be decided by social construct, but remain in your own eyes.