Julie & Casuko Roche in Los Angeles, California


We met and talked beauty with Casuko Roche, a Ceramicist & Culinary Arts Professor based in Tokyo, Japan. She is also the mother of Julie Roche from our very own #clesquad.

What’s your name?

What is beauty to you?
You can’t buy beauty — it’s something that comes from within. For myself, it’s through my day-to-day in the work that I do, my children, and my lifestyle. Your life constructs who you are and reflects your beauty. It's important to feel self fulfilled. If you feel good inside, you’re going to feel good on the outside.

What’s your skincare routine?
I’m always very busy but I make sure to take a moment for self-care. Normally I massage/relax my face for even just one minute. On occasion, I talk to my skin and compliment it as a part of self-love.
From L to R: Julie is wearing CCC Cream in Warm Light, and Melting Lip Powder in Nude Blush. Casuko is wearing CCC Cream in Light, and Melting Lip Powder in Nude Blush.