For Mother’s Day weekend, we share a special interview with our founder’s mom, Stella, to find out what her definition of beauty is & what tips she can share with us!

bb and cc cream
What is your name?
Stella Song
Please give us a brief introduction about yourself to our audience!
I am a mother of 4 beautiful and loud children. When I'm not giving my youngest a ride back and forth from school, I like to practice my dance steps to impress my peers at my dance class. Right now we are learning the samba!
How have you come to where you are now?
I was born in Daejeon, but grew up in Seoul. After getting married, my husband and I immigrated to California in 1989. I've now lived in California for 30 years.
bb and cream
What is your favorite beauty ritual?
I like mixing and making my own shampoo and face masks from natural ingredients. Sometimes I force my kids to put these face masks on with me, because I made too much! But the process of researching and making them and even the fermentation process is very exciting. The main DIY skincare ingredients I use is produce that are readily available in our refrigerator, like apples, vinegar, cucumber, seaweed, or onions. Most foods post fermentation have lots of antibacterial and soothing qualities to them. The key to beauty routines is to be simple, yet considered and effective.

One Korean beauty trend I really enjoy and find effortless is the point lip. I put on a thin layer of CCC Cream and a bit of Essence Moonlighter Cushion in Apricot Tinge around my eyes and cheeks. Then I dot a bit of Melting Lip Powder in Red Cherry on my lips. It’s the best no makeup makeup for everyday. 

bb and cc cream
What is your advice to our audience on beauty and self-love? Do you think both go hand in hand? We would love to know your thoughts about that!
Yes, I think it is very true. On days I feel like my makeup is nice, I feel more happy and confident, and want to go out more!

What would you say your favorite CLE product is?
My favorite is the CCC Cream in Warm Light, it makes my skin look flawless and light weight!
bb and cc cream
Makeup in all photos : Stella is wearing CCC Cream in Warm Light, Essence Moonlighter Cushion in Apricot Tinge, and Melting Lip Powder in Red Cherry + Blushing Peach