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In honour of International Womxn’s Day, CLE presents…

Self-Love Ritual

Replenish………………………. Vitamin C Elixir
Revitalize……....………………. Lifting Set

We believe self-love is
                                                unwinding for some me-time
                                                                                        doing what you love to do, no matter what anyone says or thinks
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  so on…

vitamin c serum


Replenish by treating your skin with our Vitamin C Elixir

We created the elixir with natural ingredients to create a product easy for the skin. Along with pure Vitamin C, our key ingredients are Rosa Canina Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Phytosqualane. Anti-aging and nourishing, our Vitamin C Elixir is definitely a treat for your skin!

Once applied, the serum provides a lightweight, non-greasy, yet moisturizing finish to your skin. Our unique blend of fruit and plant oils and extracts with the serum of pure Vitamin C concentrate is quickly absorbed into the skin due to the characteristics of the formulation. This elixir will deeply nourish the complexion and leave your skin replenished and rejuvenated.

How we use Vitamin C Elixir:
    - Shake the elixir 3 to 5 times to mix the top layer of oil & bottom layer of serum together
    - Use the dropper to generously apply the elixir directly onto your skin
    - Gently massage onto skin with fingertips until the elixir is absorbed completely

collagen mask


Revitalize by instantly boosting hydration into your skin with our Lifting Set

Lifting Set delivers glow-from-within radiance and rejuvenates the skin during use. Each of our Dry Mask Sheet is infused with three natural sources of collagen – acacia collagen, marine collagen, and natto gum collagen. Active the collagens embedded in the mask with our Lifting Mist, our tightening facial toner.

Our dry mask is meant to rest on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes. We encourage you to lie back and enjoy these quiet moments. When our days are packed with work, family and other commitments, having me-time to relax and unwind is self-love. So sit back, put on some music, enjoy a cup of chamomile tea or some chilled spring water and take a moment for yourself as our revitalizing dry mask works its magic!

How we use Lifting Set:
    - Give Lifting Mist bottle a good shake!
    - Spray Lifting Mist onto the smooth side of the dry mask, then center the mask onto your face.
    - Spray the face mist onto the dry mask placed on the skin until the mask is sufficiently saturated.
    - Relax and unwind for 15 to 20 minutes…
    - To peel the mask off, gently work your way around the edges from chin to forehead in an upward manner. Remnants of the collagen may remain on your skin. Dissolve the remnants with Lifting Mist.

Note, our Dry Mask Pack is not gluten-free & contains wheat.

Self-Love Ritual is not just for one day. We want you to enjoy yourselves every. single. day.

Thank YOU for being YOU.


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