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We might be exaggerating if we said matte lip powders can change your life, but quality makeup products can enliven our skin and provide a healthy complexion.

Makeup isn’t just to enhance our natural beauty but exists for us to enjoy the creative process of it; it should be fun! Lip powders are thought to be too difficult to apply, or drying on the lips. Our Melting Lip Powder is easy to apply. The doe foot applicator, commonly used for lip glosses, allows for easy application, gliding the pigment right on the lips.
We find what surprises most people about our matte lip powder is the feel of it as you apply it to your lips. It’s a powder but it “melts” when applied on your lips, turning into a liquid, then finishing as a true matte.
For many of us, having a morning and nighttime skin ritual but we often forget about focusing on our lips. Lips definitely deserve a bit of attention, and keeping them hydrated and healthy can be incredibly simple.

Easy Lip Care Tips
1. Stay Hydrated
Typically dry and chapped lips are caused by dehydration. Ensuring you drink enough water each day not only benefits your lips, but your skin, as well as your body, as a whole.
2. Exfoliate
Exfoliation can remove the bits of dead skin which tend to stick out when you apply lip powders or lipstick. You can make your own natural lip scrub by mixing brown sugar with orange peel and almond oil, or a blend of coconut oil, vanilla and sugar. If you are allergic to the aforementioned ingredients, there are alternative natural scrub recipes online.
3. Remove Your Lip Powder
Makeup should never rest on our faces overnight, even lip powders! Use our Oxygen Foam Cleanser to remove all of your makeup. Leave it on for about 30 seconds to 1 minute for the self-foaming cleanser to act as a deep cleansing flash mask!
4. Wear Lip Balm
This extra step can help lock in moisture. Many lip balms provide some level of sun protection, helping to protect your lips from sun damage and the drying effects of the sun’s rays. We recommend applying lip balm before going to bed to keep lips as moist as possible throughout the night.

Not Just For Lips
Did we mention our matte lip powders weren’t just created for the lips? It’s safe to use our lip powders on your eyes, as well as your cheeks. You can apply it using the doe foot applicator, your fingertips, or a makeup brush.

Natural & Vegan
As with all of our products, our lip powders are vegan and cruelty-free. Additionally, our products contain no parabens or heavy oils. We are committed to providing our customers with the most natural products possible to enhance each user’s experience.


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