Buying beauty products online might have its moments of being an easy endeavor, but what about lipsticks & BB and CC creams? Don’t you need to see the colors in person to truly know which color is right for you? Not necessarily… We have a few tips to make your online shopping experience easy and fun!

bb and cc cream
At CLE we’ve moved beyond BB and CC creams. We developed a CCC Cream, which stands for Color Control and Change. The all-in-one product acts as skincare, primer, foundation and sun protection.
Pantone colors is a color matching system used throughout the world. It can help to match our shades with this system when purchasing online:
Light coordinates with… Pantone 4755
Medium Light coordinates with… Pantone 4745
Medium coordinates with… Pantone 4735
Medium Deep coordinates with… Pantone 4725
Deep coordinates with… Pantone 4715
To see which color matches your skin tone the closest, you can take a look at these shades online! You can blend two shades, if necessary, to achieve a perfect natural finish. Though, with our CCC Cream, by choosing the shade closest to your skin tone, the color will slowly adjust and fully set in 15 minutes! You may want to switch out colors during seasonal changes, such as a lighter shade during winter or a slightly darker shade in the summer.
cushion highlighter
Our cushion highlighter is available in three shades – Apricot Tinge, Copper Rose, and Glinting Buff. Understanding your skin tone and undertone can be an easy way to match your skin to the ideal Essence Moonlighter Cushion shade.
Your skin tone can vary season to season. You might be a bit darker in the summer and autumn, and have a lighter skin tone in the winter and early spring. Your undertone never varies, and yours might be warm, cool or neutral. To determine undertone, simply look at the veins on your wrist: Do they appear purplish or blue? If so, you have cool undertones. If they appear green or perhaps olive, then your skin has a warm undertone. If it doesn’t quite seem like either, you may have more a more neutral undertone.
powder lipstick
You can have a little fun with our powder lipstick. All 5 shades are versatile in use and can be mixed together to create a color to match your mood. For a pink brown color, you can mix Barbie Pink and Hot Choco together. If you’re feeling spunky, you can all 5 colors and see what you come up with ;)
Keep in mind, our Melting Lip Powder isn’t just for lips. The colors aren’t the only versatile element of our powder lipstick. It can be used as a blusher and/or liquid eyeshadow. Layer on the colors to build for coverage!
When buying our other beauty products online, such as our Vitamin C Elixir or Lifting Mist, you definitely wouldn’t need to worry about skin tone, but you also don’t need to worry about skin type. The elixir and face mist are gentle and formulated for all skin types, even for those with delicate skin.

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